Navigating the future; HR 2020 report by Winmark

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backtowinmarkWinmark’s HR 2020 report draws upon the expertise and insights of HR leaders to explore the trends and developments that will impact the future of the HR function, the challenges it will face, and the function’s evolving role in business. The report is a must-read for any practitioners interested in finding out how social and technological trends are transforming the workplace, how society’s expectations of businesses are changing in relation to the retirement agenda and human rights in the supply chain, and how HR as a function can become better aligned with the wider executive.

The report is based on detailed survey responses by 56 HR directors, complemented by six in depth interviews with leading practitioners in this field. Further insight has been derived via input from 13 prominent non executive directors – with multiple portfolio positions – all with a common interest in HR. We have used feedback from the latter group as a comparator at various stages in this study. Continued

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